Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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Quinoa  and Gandules Nutritious and Benefits 

For starters, you should know that Quinoa contains great nutritional value and lots of protein: between 16 and 23 percent of their weight; that is much more than what it contains most other cereals. But it's not only quantity but quality, "Quinoa has all the essential amino acids", unlike other cereals, which have only a few, moreover, has in a way that are easily digestible, so the body can get more, "explains Dr. Jenny Ruales, University of Lund in Sweden Quinoa also can ease your digestion as a single serving of this food contains 20% of the fiber you need each day.
But relieving constipation is just one of the things that fiber can make the quinoa: "The fiber in this food cause a rapid feeling of fullness, so help you eat less during the day, facilitating weight loss says Dr. Yikyung Park, the National Cancer Institute. also helps in recovering all types of patients with different diseases for good bedridden

The preparation of Quinoa is very simple, can cook like rice.
The recipe I leave then is the simplest of all but has a secret; the grain to brown in oil prior to cooking emphasizes much flavor, which will enjoy a much more flavorful Quinoa with a light flavor and more bright golden color. The tasting palate perfect graining effect that reaches the optimum cooking time, which should be between 12 to 15 minutes

Boil the Gandules until soft. In a separate pot stir-fry oil is made, garlic previously crushed with salt, onion peppers ground cumin 2 bay leaves and leave it for about 5-6 minutes, stirring constantly pigeon peas and boiled water added after fry everything for about 15 minutes.

The pigeon peas are rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron, but they are a grain highly recommended to combat colds, poisoning the body, gastric problems, acidity and gas problems.
Moreover, this grain can be used to reduce pain in the organs and mixed with water, can cure poisoning the body.

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