Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where to Start to Prevent Disease

Washing Hands

Become aware of what it means washing your hands is part of a knowledge, a good habit, of course if you have the basic resources like water and soap wherever we choose to be sure these items including a trip adventurous journey in the field.
Provide soap, is the most effective item for this purpose to avoid illness, the soap has the ability to sweep all the dirt and all kinds of microorganisms and bacteria, are effective results of medical and personal experience. besides I want to express the solutions of alcohol or other chemical elements have no better Antibacterial hand washing effectiveness that these solutions do not kill 100 percent, but unlike in the hands are set in layers of microorganisms that cause disease are ready to pollute with everything that we get to the mouth and digestive system.

For both one to promote and encourage the good habit of washing their hands in every place and at any age is essential to prevent disease, In all cultural society and any level of 

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