Monday, February 7, 2011

Flu Influenza A (H1N1)-Swine

Flu Influenza A ( H1N1)

Welcome to the Community Health Initiative I aim to provide the best, most of my interest, conscious research and knowledge to offer what we have to do in this big situation try to avoid expanding all over the world.

As part of our commitment to preventive health measures, these initiatives are designed to educate the community about issues affecting our health, right here at home and the street.

Saying that influenza viruses are "notorious for their rapid mutation and their unpredictable behavior," Chan told reporters,  as we look for responses and solutions.
The World Health Organization on  raised the pandemic level to phase 5, which indicates widespread human-to-human transmission into at least two more countries in one WHO region.

While most countries will not be affected at this stage, according to WHO, the declaration of phase 5 represents a strong signal that a pandemic is imminent and that the time to finalize the organization, communication and implementation of the planned mitigation measures is short.

How Flu Spreads
The main way that influenza viruses are thought to spread is from person to person in respiratory droplets of coughs and sneezes. This can happen when droplets from a cough or sneeze of an infected person are propelled through the air and deposited on the mouth or nose of people nearby an all over the objects
Influenza viruses may also be spread when a person touches respiratory on another person or an object and then touches their own mouth or nose (or someone else’s mouth or nose) before washing their hands.

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