Thursday, October 13, 2011

Promote Protection Mental Health

People with Severe Mental Illness

From the 1sth Congress on Neurobiology and Psychopharmacology

I want to share where I was in a seminar via webinar about the Importance of the Promotion and the Protection of Physical and Mental Health. Globally recently is well recognized, but little attention has been given to the Interrelationship between the two. Poor physical health can make individuals susceptible to poor mental health. Similarly, we know that people living with mental health Problems often live with physical health problems as well. A growing body of evidence is now showing that; indeed, persons with an enduring mental illness at much greater risk than the general population for developing certain physical health problems, most notably cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity. This is the reason why, compared with the general population, people with severe mental illness lose 25-30 years of normal life expectancy.

A holistic expert , was  individualized to approach his proposed which involve, deep knowledge from health professionals about how to deal with co-morbidities, direct communication between doctors and families, carefully monitoring of individuals receiving health care interventions and better collaboration among primary care physical and mental health specialist.

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